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Lawliet Host - The best free & paid hosting offering game server hosting, bot hosting, VPS hosting and web hosting for the cheapest prices in the market and an average review score of 4.9 out of 5!

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The platform is very well made staff is really nice and understanding. Great for small discord bots and large if you got people to invite. I would recommend it to any1.



This Service Is Incredible, Staff is nice, useful and are very open minded. I recommend to everyone!



Amazing resources. The Founder seemed very professional and friendly too!!



One of the best server hosting out there, recommending to buy if you want HQ

Luda Krava


Best free hosting I ever seen, and this is not scam like any other hosting I used before



Great hosting services i have been using their free minecraft server hosting and it was great



Its really the best bot hosting it can hold up Java bot playing music in 3 servers and still using 5/45% of a cpu this host is really amazing staff is very good and friendly



is legit, im thinking to myself how can this be free just with invites lol



Very great hosting platform! Very nice panel and ez customer service! Thanks!

Mr. P ツ willy ʟʀ


Lawliet Host is very goood service for hosting your bots. The staff is kind, the servers are soo good, the install velocity also good... The best free host.



Lawliet Host is a really good service for hosting your bots. The service provided for startup and account creation is great. I also appreciate the speedy support and assistance. I would give it 5 stars based on my experience.



Best hosting, gave me a server for free that hosts my bot lag-free, and the panel is beautiful too. Its great that they are giving hosting for free. I rate it 5 stars

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Who are we?

We are a hosting company which gives you 100% FREE Minecraft hosting, Discord bot hosting and premium hosting starting at $0.2!

How can you trust us?

You can trust us because we have amazing reviews. You can look at the reviews section in our Discord or in this website.


We offer you a wide variety of features. Some of those being great uptime, performance, amazing prices and much more!

How is the hosting free?

The hosting is free because we earn money through Arc